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There are several types of home water purifier systems. Some are better than others. What you are looking for in a home purifier water system is chemical free and contaminant free water with a balanced pH and mineral content. That may seem like a long list, but some manufacturers can fill the order.

In the last year, practically every news organization in the country has been carrying stories about contaminants in the public drinking water supply. It seems that without a home water purifier, we are ingesting drugs, hormones, lead and thousands of other pollutants, every time we drink a glass of tap water

It’s a shame, but there is really very little that the government can do. They allowed industry to dump chemicals in the water supply for far too long. It will take years for some of the pesticides and herbicides to work their way out of the system. It’s up to you to protect your family. plantas de agua purificada A good home purifier water system will help you do that.

In many ways, people are to blame, not just government and industry. The drugs and hormones are our fault. We dump things down the drain without thinking. If it goes down the drain, it goes back to the water treatment facility and eventually ends up back in the tap water. You could say that we caused our own need for an in home water purifier system.

The bottom line is that an effective in home purifier water system is the right thing to do. It costs less than bottled water and reduces the waste that goes to the land fill. The best systems combine activated carbon filters with micron filters and ion exchange, to provide the cleanest perfectly balanced drinking water.

Some people are talking about reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is old technology. It was never designed to be used as a home water purifier. They de-mineralize the water without blocking chlorine and other contaminants.

Price does not always indicate advanced technology and initial prices can be misleading. Some companies sell what appears to be an inexpensive home purifier water system, but when you add up the cost of replacing the filters, over a year’s time you may spend nearly 10 times as much as you did on the initial unit. That’s really how they get you.

The best home water purifier that we have found costs a little more initially, but the filters last longer and are less expensive to replace. So, the final cost for a year is pennies per day.

A complete home purifier water system can be attached to the incoming pipes at your home and filter water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, showering, laundry, etc. They cost more, of course, but shower head filters are becoming as popular as drinking water filters. So, if you add in the cost of shower filters for every bathroom, plus the kitchen tap filter and the replacement cartridges. It might be cost effective.


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